Frequently asked questions about the Carer Card program for businesses.
What is the Carer Card Program?

More than 140,000 primary carers in Victoria play a critical role supporting others in the community, including people with a disability or mental illness, children in foster care, and an increasing number of frail aged.

The purpose of the Carer Card Program is to recognise the incredible unpaid work that carers do in our community. The card will provide carers with:

  • A wide range of discounts and benefits on offer from businesses, the local government and community organisations
  • All Victorian Carer Card ('We Care') holders are now eligible for concession fares, free weekend travel, free travel vouchers and free travel during Carers week.

    A Victorian Carer Card ('We Care') entitles holders to free weekend travel in any two consecutive zones. Cardholders who live in Victoria also have access to two or four free off-peak travel vouchers per year (depending on where you live).

    You will need to register for free travel vouchers via PTV’s website.

    Victorian Carer Card ('We Care') holders also receive free travel during Carers Week.

    For further information visit the Public Transport Victoria website or call 1800 800 007 (6am - midnight daily) 

Who are carers?

Carers are responsible for the primary care of a person with a disability, severe medical condition or mental illness, or someone who is frail aged or in need of palliative care. The program also recognises foster, kinship and respite carers.

In Victoria, approximately 140,000 people are eligible to receive a Carer Card.

How does the program ensure only eligible carers apply?

Applicants must meet eligibility criteria developed by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) and agree to the terms and conditions for appropriate use of the card.

All applications are subject to verification prior to approval.

Is any business eligible to register?

All businesses wanting to participate in the Carer Card Program are welcome to completer the online form

The Carer Card Program retains absolute discretion to refuse any business registration. Businesses that the will not accepted by the program, include those that in the opinion of the Families, Fairness and Housing:

  • are characterised by volatility of operators or financial instability
  • have an unfavourable record in relation to vulnerable customers
  • propose an offer that creates difficulties when determining the actual benefit or discount
  • provide goods or services inconsistent with Carer Card program principles.

Businesses participating in the program must:

  • be of good standing and can not contravene Acts administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria, other State or Commonwealth Departments, or any other consumer interest group or statutory authority
  • operate on the basis of clearly advertised or displayed pricing levels
  • not contravene any legislative provision or professional ethical standards.
What kind of offer is appropriate?

Businesses must agree to offer a discount or benefit on goods and services to exclusively for carers. All offers must be easy to use and understand, but also offer genuine value to carers.

How can businesses apply?

Businesses interested in joining the Carer Card program should complete the online form,  providing your business details and discount offer. It's free to join. 

For more information, or for assistance with filling out this form, phone 1300 797 210 or email

Is it mandatory for Victorian businesses to participate?

No, the Carer Card Program is an optional program that businesses can chose to be a part of by submitting a registration form.

Is there a joining fee for businesses?

There is no fee to join the program for carers or businesses. Program administration is fully funded by the Victorian Government.

What is the Victorian Government doing to avoid fraudulent use of the Card?

Unauthorised use has been minimised by a strict application process to ensure the card is only provided to eligible carers.

It is an offence under the Victorian Crimes Act for an applicant or professional to provide false or misleading information in an application.

How will I identify carers eligible for my offer?

Carers must present a their card in order to take advantage of a discount or offer. The card should be checked to ensure it is current.

Will the program promote my business?

All participating businesses will be listed on the online business directory. A range of promotional materials will be provided to assist your business in communicating participation in the program, such as stickers for registers and window display.

Can I withdraw from the program?

In the case that a business wishes to discontinue or withdraw an offer, they must notify the Carer Card Program in writing. Receipt of the request will be confirmed in writing and then the business offer will be removed from the Carer Card website on-line directory.

Upon receipt of the written notice, the business should immediately cease displaying the Carer Card logo in any of its premises or promotional material, or otherwise making any public statements or representations associating itself with the program.

What is the difference between the Carer Card and the Companion Card?

The Carer Card is issued to the carer to recognise and reward the selfless hard work that they perform to improve the lives of others. Carers can use the card independently of the person under their care.

The Carer Card is unlike the Companion Card which is issued to the person who is unable to access a venue or event without attendant care.