Certain carers will require the declaration of a Health Professional to obtain a Victorian Carer Card.

This applies to the following types of Carers:

  • Carers not receiving Centrelink Carer Allowance or Carer Payment; or
  • Carers not receiving DFFH caregiver reimbursement.

Doctors and other Health Professionals who are requested to sign a Carer Card application form need to indicate whether the applicant would receive a long term (5 year) or short term (1 year) Carer Card depending on the expected duration the carer will be in a caring role.

Health Professionals are also welcome to download the Medical & Health Professional Guidelines (PDF 100KB) or Quick Facts for Health Professionals (PDF 63KB).

When should a medical practitioner or health professional sign an application form for a Carer Card?

A medical practitioner or health professional should sign an application for a Carer Card if they are satisfied that the applicant is the primary, unpaid carer of a person with a disability, a severe medical condition, or a mental illness*, or who is frail aged or who is in need of palliative care or who is kinship carer**. To be a primary carer, the carer must be providing substantial support and assistance on a frequent*** basis with activities such as:

  • Personal care (dressing, feeding, bathing)
  • Everyday household tasks
  • Transport (public or private)
  • Mobility
  • Making and attending appointments for care recipient
  • Monitoring medication
  • Communication (eg. Making telephone calls on the care recipients behalf)
  • Monitoring/Supervision
  • Emotional support

*For mental health carers, the mental illness of the care recipient may be episodic rather than ongoing. It is understood and acknowledged that the caring duties of these carers, do not necessarily stop during periods of stable mental health.

** Kinship carers can provide evidence of their role as primary carers of children by producing their statuary declaration issued by the Office of the Child Safety Commissioner or a relevant court order (i.e. either from the Family or Children’s Courts)

*** It is expected that some form of support, care or assistance is provided by the primary carer on a daily basis, or several times per week as a minimum.

Health Professionals authorised to sign the Carer Card application form

The Carer Card application form can be signed by one of the following health professionals involved in the treatment/care of either the carer or care recipient.

  • Legally qualified medical practitioner
  • Registered nurse
  • Physiotherapist
  • Registered psychologist
  • Registered social worker
  • Occupational therapist
  • Aboriginal health worker (in a geographically remote area), or
  • Mental health carer consultant.

Not sure whether to sign an application form?

The Carer Card policy framework was developed by the Concessions Policy Unit within DFFH. If you have any questions about how you should interpret these eligibility guidelines, a DFFH officer can assist you. Enquiries should be made on 1800 901 958 during business hours, or online through Contact Us.